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Abdul-karim Yahaya (Yahaya247media)
Abdul-karim Yahaya (Yahaya247media)
19. August, 2015.
MY STORY I am Abdul-karim Yahaya. From Kenyasi Brong Ahafo region. How I get to GNLD, is about agro business. I first heard something about GNLD in Agro business meeting at Tachiman they were saying good things about SUPER GRO so I decided to get some. No 2010, 2011 director Ofori came to Kenyasi and I saw that it is business and I join. He introduces some health products to me and I also told him the problems I was facing by then to him. At that time I was haven piles on my private part and chest pain for 8year. I have been going to hospital bet no improvement so I decided to try GNLD products for piles off course 3 months it gone. So I want for chest pain products because of the price I could not afford. Some months later I heed a car accident and I buy GNLD products for 1 month it gone. From there I said if GNLD products are good for all health problems why can’t I do the business. So I start leaning GNLD products and how it works form 2011 I have use this products to treat many people who as health problems in many ways. For the parts four years I haven’t to hospital, my health has been improved. I was slam bet weight was around 85/90kg now weight around 65/68kg and I’m looking good. Now I am Director in GNLD and I have Sapphire Director and Director in my team
Dipa Kotak
Dipa Kotak
5. October, 2014.
I have been suffering with mild digestive disorder for the pat couple of years and recently I started using Aloe Vera Plus and in a few days the symptoms were gone. I found Aloe Vera Plus very soothing and refreshing. Thank you recommending this products, Nishit.
Tessa Parsons
Tessa Parsons
2. May, 2013.
I ordered some gnld products for my mother and was pleased to get them the following day.
30. January, 2013.
Omega 3 salmon oil plus has been excellent. helps with concentration and helps keep my blood pressure normal, very low fishy smell. :) I would recommend GNLD products to anybody looking for good health products.

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Our Founder’s Journey: Nishit Kotak & The Genesis of Healthy Food Supplements

25 years ago, a personal health challenge became the catalyst for a transformative journey. Stress was an unwelcome companion in my life until herbal supplements from Neolife opened a new door to wellness. The profound impact of these products on my well-being ignited a passion for Neolife’s holistic approach to health.

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In 2008, as Neolife celebrated its golden jubilee, we made a pivotal move from Kenya to the UK. This was a time of new beginnings, both for Neolife, with the inauguration of their London office, and for me, as the seed for Healthy Food Supplements was sown. My vision was clear: to create a platform that would extend the reach of Neolife’s exceptional products and empower more individuals through its business opportunity.

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